Cheek To Cheek Sandra Bullock

Born 31.10.2001

Our crazy Boobee decided to stay with her family. She is our 5th generation living at home! Appart from jumping any fence, saying hello to the neighbors and the cows in the fields. Boobee is just as sweet as her mom… she is our crazy pup with a tender heart. She has a beautiful body and we look forward to show her in the ring!

Progeny of Boobee: with Dts-VDH.CH Dewmist Satellite, with Inassicas Coriander


C.I.B Gunmarsh Zachary
GB SH CH Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood Sansue Castalian GB SH CH Styal Shelley of Maundale
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GB SH CH Sinnhein Minutemaid
Cheek to Cheek High Spirits Dutch Ger Belg INT CH Chevanne Mighty Endeavour
INT CH Ktema Eis Aei Fabiola
C.I.B FR CH Siatham Roxelana
GB CH Standfast Augustus NO MVA Mjaerumhögda's Crusader
GB CH Westley Ramona
Mulfield Gypsophila of Siatham GB SH CH Jobeka Jasper of Nortonwood
Westley Lusia of Mulfield