Scarholme Oscar (imp UK)

Born: 21/07/94 – 28/09/2009
Hipscore: A, Eyes Clear

Oscar is the extrovert, Oscar is the lovable, Oscar is great fun to live with! A billion thanks to his breeders Chris and Jackie Sparrow for this gentleman!

Always excellent in the ring, several best young in breed including the Swiss clubshow. Oscar was lightly shown but managed to win: 2nd exc RCAC-RCACIB , 1st exc CAC and 1st exc CAC – BOB – with Res.Best in group! Well done Oscar!


GB CH IE CH Papeta Philosopher GB CH Sansue Golden Ruler GB CH Gaineda Consolidator of Sansue Glennessa Escapade
GB CH Rachenco Charnez of Gaineda
GB CH Sansue Wrainbow Gyrima Moonlord of Rockwin
Sansue Gillian
GB CH Westley Sophia of Papeta GB CH Nortonwood Faunus GB CH Camrose Cabus Christopher
Nortonwood Fantasy of Milo
GB CH Westley Victoria GB CH Sansue Camrose Phoenix
GB CH Westley Jacquetta
Blaelochside Dream Maker at Scarholme GB CH Bethrob Bracken Kimsgold Dean GB CH Camrose Cabus Christopher
Deerflite Joyeuse
Garbank Golden Oriole Camrose Moritz of Braydan
Garbank Winsome Lass
Scarholme Brunhilda of Blaelochside GB CH Ninell Rambruen
GB CH Bethrob Bracken
GB CH Ninell Morwenna
Ninell Magdalena of Scarholme GB CH Gyrima Oliver
GB CH Ninell Franchesca

Show reports:

“Very much the type I like, good skull with exc head proportions, just right for his age. Very kind intelligent expression, good neck flowing into well laid shoulders and upper arm assembly, straight front, good bone & feet, excells in depth of rib, strong firm top line, good thigh & strong hocks, covered the ground easily, with long, free, easy strides.” 1st ex Swiss clubshow (Mr J.Richardson)