Cheek To Cheek The African King

16/09/2005 – 15/11/2006
Natural Ability Test and A working test

“After 2 months of very deep sadness I finally take time to write a few words about the loss of my 2 very dear friends. Pixel (the african queen) was the aple of my eye, my every day friend, my mischievous naughty girl, my one in a million… Her eyes would always speak to me and my eyes would always speak to her. When I found her dead on the border of the main way at 5 km from home, the shock was hard to describe. No gate would ever stop her, she could dig, she could jump 1.80m with no problem, she could bite and make a hole in the fence and she would enjoy running in the cow fields… No need to say we were very careful, but one day of november we forgot and let her out without attention… I will never forgive myself not to have used an electric collar on her, I was against it, now if I ever had a dog like her again, I would have no pity and use a collar. Why did she have to run despite the 16000 m2 she had? We will never know. She was just free as the wind and enjoyed her short life to the full. I miss my Pixel and still cant write without tears, she will never be forgotten, I am happy she left me with one gorgeous healthy litter. Sleep well my friend, you had fun in life, that’s what matters after all.

Her son Badoit (African king) was a very special dog too. He arrived home at 5 months old after 2 months in a pet home were he wasn’t happy. It took me months to adapt him, to make him eat, to make him travel, to keep him indoors without destroying…at the end he had become the most handsome and lovable golden I ever bred… but despite his evident beauty, he could work, he could stand free, and he would make us laugh every day…he was a mix of a golden and a kangaroo… This happy dog enjoyed life, his tail never stopped wagging and his lips never stopped smiling. But he had to follow his mother that day and run too far with her. He died at 200 m from his mother, killed by the train. That’s life, we never know what it brings to us and we have to deal with it. We miss him immensely, his happiness was so communicative. Sleep well my crazy pup, loosing you was too hard, specially after loosing your mother.

We will never forget you.”


Eng. SH CH Squirrelsmead Digby of Canina
GB SH CH Ashlyn Piper Of Canina GB SH CH Sinnhein Sebastian GB CH Sansue Golden Ruler
GB SH CH Sinnhein Minutemaid
Ashlyn Emerald Darris Star Time of Canina
Ashlyn Holly
Gleethorn Sweet Charity of Squirrelsmead GB CH Paudell Easter Plantagenetatkerrien Sansue Castalian
Kerrien Calypso of Paudell
Squirrelsmead Tritonia Sundials Hamlet
Squirrelsmead Money Penny
Cheek to Cheek The African Queen C.I.B DE CH VDH CH LU CH Royal Commander du Pays de Boheme C.I.B Gunmarsh Zachary
GB SH CH Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood
Gunmarsh Sophia
C.I.B VDH CH Majik Kiss Me Quick FIN CH EE CH Nightdream Music Maker
Majik Plisetskaja
Gunmarsh Edelweiss
Gunmarsh Lucas
Gunmarsh Maestro
Gunmarsh Dawn
GB SH CH Gunmarsh Octavia Berrick of Gunmarsh
Gunmarsh Jasmine


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